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At the age of 16, Reginald Alfonzo Sizemore also known as “Reggie,” heard a recording by Earl Nightingale’s publication of “The Strangest Secret.” A family member introduced him to Earl Nightingale. This inspired him to saturate his life with professional and public speaking tools. 

Over the next 23 years, he worked at the Illuminating Company while operating Father’s Dream Appliances store. Today, in business for over 35 years (inspired by his father when Reginald was 16 years old), Reginald has embarked on his third career. A multi-talented proven entrepreneur, he has frequently been called upon to tell his story to his customers, friends, and various associates. 

Currently, Reginald is answering the responsibility to “tell his story.” How he did it, how he survived as a sole proprietor during a time when others gave up and failed. An affirmed believer in the Almighty, Reginald relies on his faith and his life of giving back to the world. He is the fifth child in a family of eight children. Six girls and two boys. He is the oldest boy. While being an avid reader of motivational tools, books, tapes, and CDs, Reginald found an old saying that goes like this: When you do the things you ought to do, when you ought to do them, the time will come when you can do the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

Reginald says, “There is a price that you must pay.”

Reginald says when you have a well-defined objective, that causes you to work hard. He says, “It is the strength of the purpose that makes me work hard.” The promise made many years ago to his father, John Perry Sizemore, has successfully manifested in the company known as Father’s Dream Appliances with two locations in Cleveland, Ohio.

Motivationally speaking

Reginald has been collecting motivational and public speaking books. As he listened to tapes and read books, Reginald realized the books all seemed to tie into the way he was living and thinking. He says, “It just seemed like a perfect fit.” The first tape of Earl Nightingale called “The Strangest Secret,” around the age of 15, was given to him by his uncle Joseph Hambrick.  He  asked Reginald to listen to it. Because the tape sounded so much like the way Reginald was thinking and some of the things he thought about, Reginald says, “I was very impressed to find out that others think like me.” He kept the tape and listened repeatedly to the principles learned off the tape. Reginald says, “God’s gift to us is life, Our gift back to God is the way we live it.” This journey began with the dreams of John Perry Sizemore. He wanted Reginald to learn to play lead guitar, work at the Illuminating Company, graduate from the West Side Institute of Technology, and become the founder of Father’s Dream Appliances. Reginald taught himself to play the guitar. His music career began at age 17 while performing in the Cleveland All-Stars, a Christian gospel group as lead guitarist and singer. He was also a member of the Cleveland R&B band known as The Donations. Reginald has accomplished all four dreams of his father.

Now Reginald is expanding the dream with his personal dreams. Reginald’s captivating nature encourages others that they too can fulfill their dreams, if they will focus and stick to their goals, they can make their dreams come true. For a short time, he chose to become a high school dropout, But that was during his teens, Reginald later returned to school and attended day and night school until graduation. A self-taught musician, and self-taught appliance technician, he is continuing to “train and coach” his friends and business associates. When asked how he succeeded against the odds as a small African American owned business, he says that he gave his “promise” to his father and worked hard at it and stuck to it. Now it is accomplished. After being exposed to motivational products at the age of 15, Reginald’s lifelong quest is to continue to follow “his dream,” to become a professional public speaker to help, share, and encourage others to follow their dreams. Reginald can customize a talk or training program to fit your corporate business or personal objective and can speak to your organization. Reginald’s satisfied clients describe his techniques and presentation style as “efficient, effortless, and effective.”

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