Reginald Alfonzo Sizemore 


Speaks On

Motivation, Leadership, Communications,
Management, Sales, and Professional Development

Reginald A. Sizemore is an expert speaker and keynote presenter, with a strong, inspiring and timely message of overcoming adversity and establishing and keeping the dream alive. 

His delivery is dynamic, he uses just the power of the spoken word that comes deep from the heart. His story of survival against all odds in the modern day business world is inspirational.

He has established his reputation based upon the proven results of his successful company, Father's Dream Appliances. The ideas he shares are the ones that create success stories for organizations and individuals. 

He has developed keen insights into what drives high-performing individuals and what distinguishes their approaches to life. He helps you
understand how to establish confidence to achieve your goals, and to remember that God has a plan designed exclusively for you. 

Know this, you too are able to achieve the extraordinary!.



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